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Walking With Jesus


This web site is for you. On it you can search for a Seventh-day Adventist church near you, tell us what Bible topics you consider most interesting, and do some further study.

When we say "The Booklet" what we're talking about is a 128 page booklet (Walking With Jesus) written in Navajo and English and printed in a revised edition in 2008. It's based on another small book entitled Steps to Christ. Well, what we quote from is actually Steps to Jesus - a simplified version of Steps to Christ.

The reason for the web site is that we don't want you to just read the last page and close the book. We want to stay in touch and do some bonding. So please, take a look around the web site. Read our papers, check out our news items, share your thoughts. We hope to see you again.

The Story of the Rug

The rug shown at the upper left of this page was woven by a dear friend back in 1976. There's a story about this:

Remembering Grandma Begay